Thursday, October 14, 2010

News on Pet Airways (the pets-only airline)

I've been following the progress of Pet Airways, an ingenius business that provides air transportation for pets and only pets.  Located in small airports very close to major airports, the idea is that you'd fly on the main airline and your pet would fly on this side airline. They keep all the pets in crates in the cabin, not the cargo hold, making it much MUCH safer and more comfortable for the pets.  Major airlines will not even consider flying a pet during many months with high temperature risk, and I wouldn't consider it either. 

But Pet Airways solves that problem.  They've been adding flights and destinations.  They can operate economically because they don't have to have all the amenities that commercial consumer airlines have to have.  They DO have a staff person who rides in the cabin and checks on all the animals every 15 minutes. 

So I'm happy to see that the company is doing well.  Here is an analyst's enthusiastic report about them.  I didn't realize they had gone public, and I don't own stock in them but am watching them. 

This is one more reason all dogs should be crate trained!  Air travel will be less stressful for your dog is she's already accustomed to hanging out in a crate for awhile.  Crates = a safe place to hang out.

What are your thoughts about air travel and pets?  Share them in a comment below!

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