Saturday, January 7, 2012

Got a good deal on dog treats

My dogs LOVE these treats, and I love them too because they're like healthy dog crackers.  I can break each one up easily into tiny pieces for individual rewards, and can keep them in my pockets without their making my pockets gross.  They're made from the same Natural Balance semi-moist food my dogs love (which I also use for treats, but can't keep as easily in my pocket since it's moist and perishable).

So I was a bit shocked the other day when I saw the price of these at a local big-box pet supply store go up to over $7.00.  At the rate we go through these, I had to do something. 

So I came home and checked to see how much they cost at that same store's online website.  They were cheaper there (annoying!!) but there would also be shipping.  I did some further online research and am happy to tell you about the deal I got at .  I bought 15 bags of these, plus 4 bags of high-quality Evo treats for a total of $100.11.  And guess what-- if your purchase is over $100 the shipping is free.  Oh, and I did I mention there was no tax?

So the bag which would cost me $7 plus tax at the big-box store cost me just $4.49 by buying it online.  When you have 3 dogs AND you train and reward as much as I do, that's a good deal.

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