Saturday, July 24, 2010

My favorite leash

We fell in love with "European leashes" some time ago because they have clips at each end and a few D-rings sewn into the leash that give you many things you can easily do with the leash that you can't easily do with "normal" leashes. For example, I can clip it to loop over my shoulder diagonally so I can walk my dog at my side, hands-free. I can clip the end around a post which is more secure than tying it. I can slip one clip through a D-ring and suddenly have a dual-dog leash.

If you've taken my classes and have seen my green nylon leash, this is it. We used to buy these leashes from a vendor at major dog shows, in beautiful leather, for about $50 each. They felt like a well-crafted piece of horse tack-- with that great leather smell. My dogs thought so, too, and eventually chewed up every one we had.

My husband discovered these MUCH less expensive nylon versions, and we have several in our house. They are GREAT and I am endorsing them as a raving fan (I get no compensation for this, don't worry). If you're looking for a good leash, this is the one I recommend. It's less than $10. Buy several of them. We do.  And you don't need them to be super-thick (super-thick, heavy leashes are a pain when using a Gentle Leader, and are hard to ladies to handle in our smaller hands).  A well trained dog does not need a gargantuan leash.  These leashes are stronger than I need and are easy to handle.  I love them.


  1. I provided a link that ended up being defunct, but has now been corrected-- so see above, in the post, there is a direct link to the product (and a photo)