Saturday, November 28, 2009

Warm-A-Pup project a big success!

Letter to the Editor printed in the Peninsula News:

Wow! The South Bay Clicker Training Club received an overwhelmingly generous response to our call in September for used towels and blankets to be recycled into winter jackets for the dogs who live in cold concrete kennels at the animal shelter. People brought so many donations to the Pet Foods Market in Lunada Bay that the donations filled up entire room in my house. With the help of many people (including Cindy Chiles of Convergent Consulting LLC who provided additional supplies) we sewed enough dog jackets to meet the needs of the SPCA-LA animal shelter in Hawthorne. We had enough leftover towels and blankets to make additional donations to that shelter as well as the LA County shelter in San Pedro. It’s obvious that people on this peninsula are compassionate animal lovers and we are grateful for your support of this very successful project. We may very well do it again next year. Thank you!

Diane Bassett

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