Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dog parks coming to the peninsula!

I'm very happy to see that wonderful progress is being made to include dog parks in Hesse Park and Grandview Park. The Daily Breeze just covered this and the article can be read here.

Maureen and Bruce Megowan deserve our thanks for the tireless work they've put into this effort, as does RPV Mayor Larry Clark. Thank you!

Having moved here from the Bay Area 2 years ago, I really miss having a wide choice of legal off-leash dog runs. I used them every day up north and can't wait to use them here, too (I do know about the dog park in Redondo Beach but it's such a long drive just to run the dogs).

Please email the city council members in RPV and express your support for this project. You can reach them all with this one email address: (that autoforwards to everyone on the council).

Thank you!

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